Maria Menheere

After completing her studies in Dutch law at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam Maria worked for four years as a lawyer in the district of The Hague and Rotterdam. She gained broad experience in both Family law and Criminal law.

In 1999 she became co-owner of a law firm in The Hague, where she further specialized in Family law and successfully completed the legal specialist training in family law and the training for divorce mediators of the Dutch Association of Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators (vFAS).

As of April 1st, 2020 Maria was ready for a new challenge, being a cooperation with Marjanne Kroonen and Marja Verdult (since 2014 located in Rotterdam as Kroonen & Verdult Lawyers).

Maria focuses on divorces, maintenance issues and matrimonial property law, including the settlement of marriage contracts. Furthermore Maria handles cases relating to minor children (including child support, parental responsibility and contact arrangements) and matters regarding determination and denial of paternity.

Maria is also a registered mediator. She is a member of both vFAS (the Association of Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators) and MFN (Mediation Federation Netherlands). Both associations impose strict quality standards on their members, which means that Maria can rightfully be called an expert in her field.

Because of her experience Maria is also regularly approached by The Hague District Court requesting to assist parties in pending procedures as a mediator.

Maria is a passionate and committed lawyer who pays attention not only for the legal aspects of a case but also keeps an eye on the personal and emotional side of the matter. She can rapidly switch between these human, business and legal aspects and knows how to translate this into a decisive approach. Maria will seek an appropriate solution for your dispute. That may be an agreement with the other party, or proceedings in court if needed or preferred.

Maria has all the necessary knowledge and experience to represent you and advise you in or outside the courthouse.